Tips & tricks regarding the VAG_LastenRad

Your first ride with VAG_LastenRad? Please note the following:

Driving behaviour of cargo bikes

Cargo bikes have a different driving behaviour compared to "normal" Bicycles. Bevor carrying load, we recommend to get used to the driving characteristics first. 

Our tipWhen riding, don't look at the front wheel, but straight ahead - in the direction you want to ride.

Pay attention to the traffic regulations

Be aware that a cargo bike is much larger than a normal bike. Drive slowly and be considerate of other road users. Always follow the rules of the StVO.

Secure Your load

Place your items to be transported in the transport box in a way that they cannot stand over the side walls of the box or fall out completely while driving. Avoid objects in the transport box slipping or falling over while driving.

Riding with children

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the handling of the VAG_LastenRad before transporting children. Use the straps provided to buckle up a child. We recommend that children wear a helmet while driving with the VAG_LastenRad.