2,550 bikes are available to you at around 90 stations and in the flex zones in Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen and Schwabach and can be used across all cities.


Our VAG_Rad bikes are available for you at stations as well as in the flex zones. You can return your rented bike to one of the VAG_Rad stations located throughout the cities or park it freely on public roads in the flex zones (white area). It is not permitted to park a rental bike in the no-parking zone (red area).

Each VAG_LastenRad is assigned to a specific home station and must be returned there after each rental. Activate the VAG_LastenRad filter in the NürnbergMOBIL app. You can then see at which stations at least one VAG_LastenRad is available to you.

Please note: If a VAG_Rad is parked outside the flex zones or not at an official VAG_Rad station, a service fee of at least 20 euros will be charged. If a VAG_LastenRad is parked at the wrong station or otherwise incorrectly, a service fee of at least 50 euros will be charged.

All information on prices and fees can be found here.