100 free minutes per month for students

VAG_Rad - Advantages from the summer semester 2022


All students who have a residence in Nuremberg, a basic ticket plus an additional ticket get 100 free minutes per month for a free use of the VAG_Rad – for the duration of the whole semester!



  • You own a basic ticket + an additional ticket for the summer semester 2023

  • You live in Nuremberg (the place of the residence on your semesterticket counts).

  • You bought your additional ticket 2023 via the NürnbergMOBIL-App.

In just 3 steps to your VAG_Rad free minutes:

  1. Download the NürnbergMOBIL-App and register.
  2. Buy the semester-basic ticket and the additional ticket in the app.
  3. Go to the menu item "VAG_Rad": Here your 100 free minutes per month are automatically displayed and credited to you for use.


With the free minutes you can use both the VAG_Rad and the VAG_cargobikes. Please note: If you use the VAG_cargobike, there is an additional entry fee of 2€ per loan. Your free minutes apply for just one bike. If you rent a second bike on your account, the regular fees will incur. After consuming your free minutes within a month, the regular tariff fees of 0.05€ per minute will also incur.

Information about the Deutschlandticket

  • Students who buy their additional semester ticket card in the NürnbergMOBIL-App will receive a voucher code in time for May, with which they can convert their semester ticket to the Deutschlandticket, which is valid throughout Germany.

  • From this point on, students - regardless of their place of residence - receive 600 free minutes per month for VAG_Rad!


- everything in one app!

The additional card must be purchased via the NürnbergMOBIL-App. Then the free minutes for VAG_Rad can be credited and used directly in the app. Sounds easy? It is!

In addition to the mentioned services, the NürnbergMOBIL-App offers you further functions: You can subscribe to an intelligent connection information, individual fault messages for your line or even current news on specific topics. You can also easily get in contact with us directly via a messenger. And now the best: NürnbergMOBIL is constantly in the process of further development. So more features will follow. Via the messenger channel "Feedback on the app" you can help to constantly improve the app!